MH & Jaster Merill: Supersede Album

Who Am I: MH & Jaster Merill

Supersede Album

If Time We Could Defy: MH & Jaster Merill

Supersede Album

Calling of the Spirits: MH & Jaster Merill

Supersede Album

Where Does Time Go: MH & Jaster Merill

Supersede Album

Coming Home: MH & Jaster Merill

Supersede Album

We THANK YOU for taking the time to watch these videos. I hope you enjoyed watching them as much I as I enjoyed making them.


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Special Thanks to:

Javier Sanabria & Mauricio Arevalo & Jim Mills for directing, filming, production on Calling of the Spirits.


Javier Sanabria & Jim Mills for directing and filming part of Who Am I.


Jim Mills, Javier Sanabria & Joss Cruz Cerrato, for directing and filming part of Where Does Time Go.


Norman Orlando Henriquez, Javier Sanabria & Joss Cruz Cerrato, & Jim Mills for filming and directing If Time We Could Defy.


Production on all videos (Except: Calling of the Spirits - Javier Sanabria) by MH.


Origin: Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.

© 2021 by MH

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