About MHrocks and his bands


About MH

MH is somewhat of an ambitious soul.

He starts many projects and even finished a few.


The bands he's written with include:

MH & Smith and The Pack Hot Punk Boogie

MH & Jaster Merill  Supersede 

MH (with his solo band in Indonesia) 3 Songs released



MH & Smith and The Pack

Genre: Guitar Blues

Origin: South Western Ontario, Canada

Composing Musicians: Luke Smith & MH


Heavy Blues with gritty Ozzy/Scott/Cooper style vocals






Hot Punk Boogie




MH & Smith were one of these natural combinations that created a variety of snot-nosed, dark and/or lighthearted-fun tunes. An intense batch of music, MH and Smith hold nothing back. The title track “The Hot Punk Boogie” (about a couple with an ass slapping fetish), pushes at the edges. “Don’t Do That” is a fun tune about obsession and the chase. “The Hunter” with its tribal feel and “War Rages On” are hard hitting power tunes. “Toilet Bowl” and the rest of this debut album address meaningful subjects in a tactful and intelligent way.  At minimum, it is musically and lyrically insightful. 


In the past, Songwriters, Luke Smith (Guitar) & MH (Vocals) compiled a kick ass collection of music while based near London, Ontario, Canada. The Pack are those who helped along the way (Most notably, Brian, Jaster and Bobby).



Hot Punk Boogie

MH and Smith finalized the “Hot Punk Boogie” album in Charterhouse studios with Jaster Merill (Jamming Bassist) and Jason Garbut (Studio Drummer). It was recorded and mastered by Andre Doucette in London, Ontario, Canada. 










MH & Jaster Merill

Genre: Alternative

Origin: South Western Ontario, Canada

Composing Musicians: Jaster Merill & MH


Heavy Alternative music with gritty Ozzy/Scott/Cooper style vocals 


MH & Jaster had worked together but never wrote together until one day. The outcome is Supersede. The title track is a thundering anthem dedicated to superseding the mundane and being all we can be. Inevitable, Who am I, and The Meaningless all tackle the darker sides and emotions of life in an insightful and musically adept way. If Time We Could Defy and Where Does Time Go address the fragility, impermanence and speed of life. Here I Am is a unique song of hope along the lines of the title track. The final track Coming Home is about going after life's opportunities and returning to our roots however painful it could be.

Bus to Bali


Genre: Alternative

Origin: South Western Ontario, Canada

Composing Musicians: MH & Antida Studio

Denpasar Moon and Kuta Bali Dreaming are the only singles released.

Denpasar Moon is a cover originally written by Artist - Colin Bass on his album - An Outcast of the Islands (1999). It has been covered by various artists over the years. This version is heavy and quite moving. Kuta Bali Dreaming is about the unfortunate events in 2003.

This is an unusual album, that will be released shortly.


Origin: Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.

© 2019 by MH

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